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"It's been wonderful working with Stefanie because I can tell her where my discomfort and fears are and she knows when to step in and when to pull back, when to push and when to guide."
- Kelly R.
"You have incredible instincts. You ask great questions and I love when you share your observations." 
- Katie
"She pushes me with a total openness and understanding. I love that I have an accountability partner, a coach, and a cheerleader, and somebody who just keeps me focused, all in my relationship with Stefanie."
- Kelly
"I was feeling very frustrated, discouraged, and emotional when I started coaching with Stefanie and she totally held space for me. I never felt judged and I felt like I could talk to her about anything. She really just guided me and showed a lot of things that I really needed to hear and that helped me make some big decisions and finish some projects."
- Michelle
"Stefanie, you did a phenomenal job. I think you are an amazing coach. You have experience beyond coaching that makes you just wonderful. Thank you."
- Britt
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Imagine what is possible when you go all-in on Y-O-U. We work on your confidence, strengthening how you talk about your business, and developing a 90-day marketing plan to help you launch strong. 

I promise that if you go all-in on you, and show up as an active participant with no distractions, you will be amazed at your outcome at the end of the day.
Ready to believe you can? Let's take action.

$1,200 for one-day intensive

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