An entire day focused on you
Set aside all the distractions & excuses to find your direction and confidence to move forward in your coaching business
Let’s break it all down
Here's what you're getting...
  • An entire day - six hours - blocked out with no distractions to focus on you
  • 1 hour clarity call before our session to help you prepare 
  • ​1 hour follow-up call one-week later to answer any lingering questions and support you
  • ​A 20-year marketing strategist and business coach to help you focus, build confidence, and create your plan of action 
  •  An actionable marketing plan for your next 90 days
  •  The confidence to step out as a coach and start making connections and offers 
All for just $1,200
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I am all in on helping you succeed. Spend the entire day with me. Coach, brainstorm, strategize and connect with your emotions. If at the end of our time you don't experience more clarity and more confidence in moving forward in your business, I'll refund your money. This guarantee is void if you don't show up 100% committed and focused with no distractions. So be all in, just like I'm all in on believing in you and your success.
Thank you, Stefanie, for talking me through this whole process in putting my business together. Just speaking to you one-on-one, with you asking me the questions allowed me to get crystal clarity as to where I need to go. I really love the way you ask the questions."
Nirmala - New coach 
"It's been wonderful working with Stefanie because I can tell her where my discomfort and fears are and she knows when to step in and when to pull back, when to push and when to guide."
Kelly - Teacher turned Education Trainer
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